We gather each Sunday to celebrate the Holy Eucharist in a worship setting that is casual yet reverent, where Christ is the center of our spiritual life, and where we are committed to open communion for all baptized Christians in a welcoming circle of fellowship.

We are a small, but active, parish . Though we do not consider our selves high church, we respectfully worship in accordance with The Book of Common Prayer (1979). We also worship in a relaxed atmosphere. For example, the choir does not wear robes and we welcome children to be engaged in the service. We cherish our unique tradition of taking communion in the round, as it reminds us of our connectedness with each other through our common faith. We find joy and fulfillment in community, whether we are standing together around the altar at the Eucharist, laughing together at a social event or rolling up our sleeves and working side by side at a local shelter or on one of our many other outreach projects.

We believe that creating and maintaining strong, viable youth programs are essential to growth and stability.

We are dedicated in our support for outreach ministries, contributing at least 10% of our annual budget to Christian charities locally and abroad.

We also enjoy weekly opportunities for theological study, reflection, and lively discussion of the Scriptures and other literature that contribute to the dynamic Christian faith conversation.

We welcome all who bring a different point of view to our reflection as we search for a common truth through our theological diversity.